My history

Weight loss, life and a gastric band.

Ok, some years back, about when I was 18, I lost a load of weight. I was 17 stone and I managed to get down to 12&a half, and I did it by exercise and sensible eating. I had bought a Raleigh Mirage mountain bike in about 1989 and used to run too.

For the last 20 years, I pursued my career in nursing, started my own business and settled down into (almost) married life. But, I have done no exercise and I ballooned up to 24stone(thats 336lb or 153KG). I have tried the odd diet but had no will power at all, after a stressful working day all I wanted to do is eat. No time or inclination to exercise either!

So 2009 fed up with being fat and increasingly having health problems; a hiatus hernia, really uncomfortable trying to get to sleep at night-linked to eating to late at night and fatty food, was on Zoton tablets for that. Also had a high blood pressure and was on BP tablets too. I was getting increasing back pain and couldn’t stand up for more than 5 minutes without discomfort…I had to do something.

I decide to get a gastric band fitted, I paid for it myself and had it done in France. I researched it very well, I knew it would help me as I tended not to graze, but had large meals and ate quickly…a perfect candidate for a band! A solution at last! Well, not a total solution, but I did loose 8 stone! I got down to 16 stone(224lbs or 101kg) so definitely is helping. The problem with a band is that some people struggle to eat or drink anything first thing in the morning, by tea time it’s fine and you can eat and drink.
After months of not being able to enjoy a mug of tea in the morning, I got fed up and had a complete defil of the band. ( think of a gastric band as a inflatable arm band but around the entrance to your stomach, a ‘fill’ is blowing up the band and reducing the size of the hole in the middle, and a ‘defill’ is the removal of some or all of that air from the band.)
I had said to myself that I will give myself a year defilled and see how my own weight control measures worked. Not very well as it happened, I rapidly put on 2 stone, but as the weight came back on, the wall of my stomach thickened and the band, although empty and supposedly loose around my stomach, started to restrict my intake(thankfully!) I settled about 18stone 9pound(118kg), so that’s where I am starting my journey and this blog.

Thought I’d pop something in here about why I think Ended up fat. When I was very young I was often quite ill, usually tonsillitis and would not eat. Doctors at my local practice didn’t want to send me for a tonsillectomy, so I regularly wouldn’t eat and was painfully thin. My father thought I was going to die sometimes due to being so ill and not eating. eventually I was sent for a tonsillectomy but to took a change of doctor to make the decision.
Finally, I could eat and it didn’t hurt! So eat I did, and my parents always encouraged me to clear my plate, so I obliged! As I got into my teens, I was able to make my own decisions and with my school dinner money, would often go to the chippy for lunch rather than spend it in the school canteen. Also on the way home from school on my pushbike I’d often stop off at the chippy for a scallop(a large potato slice, battered and fried), before going home for dinner. My mom could see I was putting on weight so used to give me smaller meals at home, but then I’d just be hungry and go to the chippy when I went out to play!
Then, I left school and started on a YTS scheme job..finally I had some money of my own! (all £28 a week of it grr!). I had chips for lunch often with a pie, and then, when heading home on my motorbike (a Suzuki A100), I’d stop off at the chippy on route and have another bag of chips and a saveloy!! Before then eating me dinner with me mom and dad! I just couldn’t pass up any opportunity to eat food! Pizza sandwiches, pie in a bun, chip butties, chocolate chip cookies…anything! So herein started my life of over eating and weight gain:-(

In a nutshell I put my fatness down to the psychological effect that being so ill and hungry and then being suddenly free to eat as much as I wanted, had on me. I suspect, my brain had become rewired at during the time before my tonsillectomy and after it, to make sure I never again ended up so starved of food, and that gave me this compulsion to eat. It’s not an excuse. It maybe the reason. But I’m open minded, it could be just because I’m so hungry!


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