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A bit about me- my name’s Steve, I live near Uttoxeter, England but also have a place in France, so am often there. I am 40 years old and have always had problems with controling my weight, so that is what this blog is about! I havent done a blog before so will be a bit green, but i hope to keep it going if only to encourage me to keep on the straight and narrow food and fitness wise! Im sure as the days pass i will divulge more info about myself in the posts i post, but should i type anything that should go in this box, i will copy and paste it here too.

Ok will bring you up to speed with my latest fitness regime (well first in 20 years!) and a bit of recent health/medical history. About 2 weeks ago, I had a chum stay for a bit of a Holliday with me at my place in France. David, turned up with his bike hanging from the roof of his Citroen Berlingo. He had recently gotten back into the biking scene after having a bit of a health scare a couple of years ago. Thankfully he is fine now and is as ‘Fit as a flea’ nowadays.

Anyway this shiny bike in it’s yellow and black glory, turned out to be a Rose Pro SL 3000 ( I think)’ and after having a few chats with him during his stay, I became quite interested in his bike.
It has Shimano Ultegra gears and brakes etc, and weighs only 8.5kg or so. Very nice!

It is the first time I have considered taking up cycling since I last rode a bike regularly, back in the 90s. Although I had briefly ridden my old Raleigh around my garden when shunting from garage to shed etc, I did experience some knee pain so assumed that biking with a dodgy knee wasn’t gonna work and never gave it another thought.

My knee troubles started when I first started nursing and having to manhandle people about. I could settle the pain by the occasional use of a knee brace. It seemed to give my knee lateral support it lacked. So this had been going on, on and off for the last twenty years. In the last year or so, I had also begun to experience what I would describe as a ‘loose’ knee, sometimes I would have to ‘click’ my knee in before putting weight on it. Then, in march this year, when I went to stand up from a kneeling position, my knee wouldn’t click into place and I couldn’t put any weight at all on it. Went to the hospital the next day(I was in France at the time) and they kept me in and did the op the next morning! Since the op I have been very careful with m knees, for some time I couldn’t climb stairs with my right leg and consequently my left leg and knee had to do the work of two. My left leg dramatically became muscular and my right leg was half the lefts width.
Skip forward a few months, August as it is now, both knees are still quite sensitive. After the op on my right knee, my left gave me jip on occasion-obviously complaining about it’s extra workload. Especially seeing as I have put in more than two stone and carrying up and down stairs my one year old son, Henri!

Anyhow, David’s knees have become muscular since cycling and helps hold his knees in the right plain, which is exactly what i need for mine…they feel ‘loose’ and un stable at the moment, I’m hoping that cycling will help my knees as well as my weight and fitness.

So having mulled it over and done my research, i thought id give it a go. I considered just picking up a cheap bike form the local supermarket, but quickly decided against it because i want the best possible start to cycling and that means getting a bike that fits me from the start. If i didnt, i could damage my knees, be uncomfortable and ditch the whole idea completely. So i spent some time comparing diferent models, styles and gearing options etc and settled upon a Rose Pro SL2200. It is a road race bike size 55 with a short 80mm stem, which acording to Rose who’d looked at all my dimensions(arm length, thigh length, inside leg measurements etc etc) would fit nicely and be comfortable. They said i needed a wide handlebar and a 170mm crank length was suitable even for my stumpy legs.

Gears wise, i considered many options, but the SRAM Apex set up seems to suit newbies like me well as it has a wide gear range and only 2 front cogs, so is lighter than a triple but has some of the benefits ie i can go fast but also climb hills easier due to the large rear cog.

So the bike is ordered and i cant wait for it to be delivered! Problem is, i have a 5 to 9 week wait for delivery! (Ordered the bike 20th August 2011) Maybe that isnt a bad thing though…i have a little time to prepare myself….
So in the meantime, i have dug out my ex-gym exercise bike(a Precor c846) and have started to do some training on it……..

For more info about me and my history, check out my next page,”My History”.


4 Responses to About Me

  1. Nice blog, good luck for your new lifestyle, I’ve linked you on my blog so hopefully that might get a bit more traffic coming your way!

    • chub2stud says:

      Hi Clive, thanks for helping out, i need all the help i can get! and advice….sometimes you cant find that get-up-and-go…… Thanks for the link, i will see if i can do the same for you…this wordpress thing is all new to me.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Hope you get your bike a little sooner. I did in the end. The delivery estimates are a little pessimistic.

    Good luck with the cycling and weight loss.

    • chub2stud says:

      Thanks Toby,

      I just checked the Rose website, its still on back order (though the website at time of ordering showed it as available in my colour!), 2 weeks down, 3 weeks to go to the 5 week – 9 week delivery window:-) Oh well, more preparation……

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