First ride….

Well second really, cus of the 1km trip to end of the lane the other night…!  Got togged up in me new gear; dhb bib for wiggle(commando style of course), Met Inferno head-mit and Decathlon sox with Shimano spd shoes, and went for a spin mid-day here in Uttoxeter.  Various reasons for the delay in taking my first trip out…so here are the excuses- man flu, depression, scared-to-be-seen’ness, 13month old taking first unsteady steps…etc…etc.  After a month of not doing anything, i have been out of the exercise mindset i had when in France, plus with the moving back here stuff and getting back into work mode…cycling has taken a back seat in my priorities.  Also been concentrating in getting my home brewery back up and running…not exactly calorie-wise but there you go!

Here’s the eagerly awaited pics of the machine!

So the first ride?  Here’s the evidence…I think I did well, but my lungs!!….they were not impressed!  Salbutamol Inhaler came out in force…

Phew…13mins hard work that was!  But good fun…if it wasn’t for my lungs protesting I could easily have done more, my legs were up for it.  I was concentrating on the cycling so much I didn’t notice all the people standing by the side of the road pointing and laughing at me…..

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7 Responses to First ride….

  1. Simon says:

    Very nice, looks brill, not sure about that saddle though, looks mighty painful and will those tyres cope with UK rainfall???? Just a case of getting back into some routine I guess, though not easy with so many distractions….

  2. welshcyclist says:

    Life certainly gets in the way of all our good intentions cyclingwise, but pedalling is the best thing to stay, at least, that little bit fitter, and even more so if we want to work harder at it. By the way, let them laugh, not that I believe they do, it’s more your self-consciousness. Most people don’t even notice us (cyclists), particularly drivers (lol). Anyway, they’re all too busy getting on with their own lives.

  3. welshcyclist says:

    Almost forgot, that really is a fantastic looking bike!

  4. david b says:

    Woah!! Thought you were doing really well until i spotted the computer was set to metric measures! Seriously though the bike looks like it’s doing forty when it’s just standing still. Very nice indeed.

    As to finding time, to begin with i guess you just have to say to yourself that , no matter what, I’m going for a spin today. Five days out of seven say. No matter what. Even if it’s just for 30 minutes. Skip ‘Strictly’, skip one of those cookery programmes, skip that favourite web site, just get out there.

    (hah! there’s me talking!!…………..)

  5. chub2stud says:

    Thanks chaps! She IS stunning in’t she:-)
    Its hard to keep it up when you have so much on…today i haven’t been out on the bike, due to parents being here for a few days, so have been moving vehicles around and we can finally see the cobbles under the land where the Hvan, CX and dead lathe were! So a busy cycling but have burned plenty of cals!
    Will keep you updated-and i will see how to change metric to imperial on that computer!

  6. Mickey says:

    Beautiful looking bike, best of luck getting out on it.

  7. Cracking bike feller! I’m looking forward to reading about your new life together!

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