It’s gorgeous!

Stunning, pics to be attached soon…the camera charger got left in France so no charge = no pics:-( I took some pics of the grand unboxing using the iPhone 3GS but with no flash, they arnt great. Been so busy I have not had the opportunity to get her assembled and out on her test run until last night. She’s so pretty, and Rose had even fitted the Sigma computer and all it’s sensors ready to go! The brown is more bronze and goes lovely with the seat trim in copper. So if all else fails(me) and I don’t ride her, I can still hang her up on the wall and admire her! 😉

Anyway, for her first run up and down the lane, it was 10pm last night, no lights(except my head light) after my tea, puddin and 2 pints if home brew! First time with clipless peddles, first time on a race bike too! Wow! That SRAM Apex cassette has such a wide range! Top end I felt like I was flying, bottom end it was so low I recon I could pull a 747! Shifted nice and smooth too, my first time with modern gear changes, the double tap sys works well, and the brakes are very strong. Riding position was surprisingly comfortable on the hoods after adjusting the seat hight.

I was expecting to find the ride harsh after reading so much about alloy frames being so ridgid in comparison to carbon, but it really was comfortable…..but this was only for five mins!

A longer ride beckons! ……

To be continued…..

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3 Responses to It’s gorgeous!

  1. Can’t wait to see pictures of your bike. Glad you are impressed.

  2. welshcyclist says:

    Looking forward to your updates, the bike sounds great.

  3. david b says:

    Photos Photos Photos!!!

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