Still waiting….but not long to go!

Well for the last two weeks(sorry for the lack of updates!) I have been mainly getting back into uk life; enjoying meals out at weatherspoons, fish n chips, indian and Chinese take seats etc…. And with no exercise bike at hand I’ve done no exercise either….not good.

However! By Rose Pro-SL2200 has been dispatched and is in transit to the UK! Woohoo! Exercise will be forthcoming very soon! I am so looking forward to getting on the bike, but a little(lot) apprehensive about keeping the motivation up and dealing with the knobs driving cars round here. Being a fat man on a bike will attract abuse from chavs me thinks.

Anyhow, put an order into Wriggle yesterday and this afternoon a nice mid range Metz helmet and own brand bib shorts and snazzy polarised sunglasses arrived….so am somewhat prepared for the new arrival!

Pics to be expected very soon…..!


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3 Responses to Still waiting….but not long to go!

  1. david b says:

    “snazzy polarised sunglasses” – no excuses for not training when the snow arrives then!

  2. chub2stud says:

    Should have been 5c here last night, it was 0c! Winter is coming…looking forward to snow, but not the weeks of overcast days and mud!

  3. welshcyclist says:

    Just remember this has been your last break! Get on those bikes asap. With winter fast approaching you need to get pedalling, and not comfort eating. Oooh, I do love food myself, and I struggle all the time, went out for a curry last night, but very unlike me, I didn’t finish it all. Now one part of me wishes I’d got a doggy bag, the other says no. It’s the world I live in, I want to do the sensible thing, but, when it comes to grub, I find it so difficult.

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