Borrowed a mountain bike…

Have been tired the last two days and consequently have only managed one session a day on the exercise bike. But today, I had an afternoon nap to catch up on the sleep I have been losing recently(had some problems at work causing some worry and hence sleepless nights) feeling much better now!

Anyhow, our neighbour Simon, mentioned this morning that he has a mountain bike I can borrow(I think he felt sorry for me cus of the delay in my Rose bike being delivered). Cycled it back up part of the hill this morning…blimy that was hard work! Managed to get 1/4 of the way up*ashamed*… Walked the rest…but in my defence I was sleep deprived and had a splitting headache!

Anyway…are my two hour kip this after, I felt perky so took her for a propa spin…what fun!! I had a fab 20 mins, took her down a local track and back along a road. I managed to get most of the way back up the hill before I needed a breather!

So much more fun than the exercise bike, and now I have something to work on…I want to do two cycles round the same route in the morning(whew it’s cooler, this afternoon it was 31c!) and see if I can do them without stopping…watch this space!

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7 Responses to Borrowed a mountain bike…

  1. Simon says:

    ahhhhhhh, cycling in the French countryside, would be a real excuse to get out as much as possible, hope you can make the most of it before you return to the wind and rain here! That is where the exercise bike helps…….. Back on mine now, but finding it hard going.

    • chub2stud says:

      Yeah it’s great, only passed one car(or rather it passed me). Nearly chucked myself over the handle bars when I came to that sharp corner, I pulled the left (front) brake full on thinking it was a clutch leaver… Must have thought I was on the Harley!

  2. welshcyclist says:

    Sounds like you’ve started your cycle journey, nothing beats being out there on a bike. Go for it!

    • chub2stud says:

      It’s nice defo…gonna enjoy getting out on my proper mountain bike when I’m back in the uk a week Monday! This thing is just a toy, it can’t handle gear changes well, grinds and crunches it’s way through them all the time and weighs a ton. Brakes are good though!

  3. Mark Shaw says:

    Out on a proper bike is so much better than an exercise bike. Its like people who go to a gym, they sit in a traffic jam in their car to go and ride a bike that doesn’t go anywhere.
    Have fun

  4. david b says:

    Siest-obligatoire? Don’t knock it…..

    Delighted to hear you’ve started!

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