Didn’t he do well?!

Well I think I did well today, 3 sessions of 45, 30 & 30 minutes respectively busting 1400 cals in the process! Really chuffed, no pains or issues, and if it wasn’t for painful butt syndrome and boredom I’d have easily have done longer each time. Totting up the virtual miles, I rode 30 miles! I recon I’m getting in a reasonable state to actually ride a bike now!

On a bum note(!), I sat a bit further forward today and am sure I felt my sit bones actually sitting on the seat, and although it wasn’t massively comfortable, it did reduce the numbness in my old man. Me thinks my flabby arse is gonna need toughening up somewhat!

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6 Responses to Didn’t he do well?!

  1. Svelteness comes at a cost, seven years of riding the bike now, and I haven’t got an old man left, what’s more it didn’t account for any weight. Well done on the calorie burning, take the leap get out on a bike, no more boredom, fantastic!

    • chub2stud says:

      What do ya mean you have old man left? Is it true what they say of male cyclists and their bits?

      I will everything possible to keep mine in full working order! And i dont mind if the seat does look odd! Lol!

  2. david b says:

    Chuffed not chafed is good.

  3. david b says:

    And a chafed chuff is very bad indeed. Sleep tight!

  4. Simon says:

    Keeping amused when on an exercise bike that many times in a day is a challenge, but the end result will be worth it. Have you tried some extra padding like a cusion while your bits get used to the extra friction????

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