Errrm, another rest day?…

Baby Henri’s birthday today, so have been baby sitting all day…no excuse I know….I will do better tomorrow! I’m not gonna punish myself though, I will use it a restful time to allow my legs to recover a bit after the short time on the stepper yesterday, ( I did just 5 minutes but burnt 100calories!) my thighs are a bit tight today so it won’t do any harm. Terrible diet today though. Left over lamb and spinach with rice for lunch and nibbles dips and cake for tea! Seriously got to have some veg tomorrow.

On a cycling research(!) note, I have been looking into saddles for bikes and came across a suggestion to try a recumbent! Now researching recumbents! Haha! Seriously though, they are certainly intriguing looking cycles. Apparently as fast, if not faster than uprights, nice big seats and some have lots of gears. I may consider one for touring in the future, the idea of loading up a tent and camping on long weekend ride in Wales or in France really appeals.

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7 Responses to Errrm, another rest day?…

  1. welshcyclist says:

    Errrms aren’t going to get you anywhere, You’ve got to try and keep working that body of yours, I use a kettlebell three or four times a day, as well as 20 press-ups( S started on 10 which nearly killed me ), but I’m making progress? One problem the more I cycle, exercise, walk, and generally keep working this body of mine, the hungrier I get. Better than eating out of boredom though.

  2. Mark Shaw says:

    I have learnt that it is definitely what goes in your gob that helps lose the weight, the cycling seems to assist, I was cycling about 350 miles a month but never lost weight until I started controlling my food intake, I don’t eat anything different just cut down massively on the crap intake and usually eat crap on a Saturday night only now

    • welshcyclist says:

      How do I control my food intake? I’ve been battling that one since before I got back on a bike. I’ve got loads of excuses, I work shifts, there are three other eaters in the household, and at work someone is always cooking something. Where is that self-discilpline I need, perhaps hypnotism may help me find it?

  3. chub2stud says:

    Thanks for that, i will get on it tomorrow…defo! Will do 3 sessions to make up for it! Nowt on so can get a lunchtime session in hopefully. Have been pleasantly surprised at how well i did on the stepper, despite my knee problems, although i only did 5 minutes, i apparently walked up 19 floors! Set it to 140bpm so as i watched my pulse climb to 140 then pass it then rate of stepping reduced to keep me at 140…i was really pleased. I need to continue with the exercise bike, but it is getting boring, so the stepper will help mix it up a bit for me and its still exercising my heart and lungs, which is what cycling needs i believe?
    Food wise, i am usually a healthy eater, but regularly lapse into bad habits! Must keep cake out of the house! I have banished biscuits, which was a real favorite of mine. When we return to the UK in 2 weeks, we are planing to settle ourselves back into British life, then both of us are going on a strict diet..we really need to do it together to succeed!
    Thanks for the advice chaps…i need a push sometimes!

  4. david b says:

    Don’t forget muscle weighs more than fat …….

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