Ramping up!

Yesterday I was surprised how well the morning ride went, I had expected it to be a bit of hard work to get ‘on it’, but it went really well and felt I could have easily gone another 20 mins…if it wasn’t for my numb meat n two veg and a painful bum!
The evening session was equally good, so much so that half way through the 40 minute session i ramped up the resistance to level 6 which at 90rpm I was producing about 200watts.
1100callories burnt each day I’m exercising, I feel better already… after just two weeks regular exercise! 80-90rpm feels natural now which is good, I never thought I’d be able to get up to those kinds of speeds.

Thought I’d pop something in here about why I think Ended up fat. When I was very young I was often quite ill, usually tonsillitis and would not eat. Doctors at my local practice didn’t want to send me for a tonsillectomy, so I regularly wouldn’t eat and was painfully thin. My father thought I was going to die sometimes due to being so ill and not eating. eventually I was sent for a tonsillectomy but to took a change of doctor to make the decision.
Finally, I could eat and it didn’t hurt! So eat I did, and my parents always encouraged me to clear my plate, so I obliged! As I got into my teens, I was able to make my own decisions and with my school dinner money, would often go to the chippy for lunch rather than spend it in the school canteen. Also on the way home from school on my pushbike I’d often stop off at the chippy for a scallop(a large potato slice, battered and fried), before going home for dinner. My mom could see I was putting on weight so used to give me smaller meals at home, but then I’d just be hungry and go to the chippy when I went out to play!
Then, I left school and started on a YTS scheme job..finally I had some money of my own! (all £28 a week of it grr!). I had chips for lunch often with a pie, and then, when heading home on my motorbike (a Suzuki A100), i’d stop off at the chippy on route and have another bag of chips and a saveloy!! Before then eating me dinner with me mom and dad! I just couldn’t pass up any opportunity to eat food! Pizza sandwiches, pie in a bun, chip butties, chocolate chip cookies…anything! So herein started my life of over eating and weight gain:-(

In a nutshell I put my fatness down to the psychological effect that being so ill and hungry and then being suddenly free to eat as much as I wanted, had on me. I suspect, my brain had become rewired at during the time before my tonsilectomy and after it, to make sure I never again ended up so starved of food, and that gave me this compulsion to eat. It’s not an excuse. It maybe the reason. But i’m open minded, it could be just because I’m so hungry!

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7 Responses to Ramping up!

  1. david b says:

    Welcome to the ” numb nuts” syndrome.

    That’s why I like it short and hard as the bishop said to the actress……:~}

  2. Mark Shaw says:

    Nice blog Steve, I have linked you to mine although I am away from blogging for the next week or so but Will be back. PS, I had a Suzuki A100 in my long distant past

  3. Simon says:

    You’re doing damn well Steve. I got back onto my exercise bike for the first time in over 6 x months today and was well and truely knackered after about 20 mins, so I need to build up to it again. (and no numb nuts thank god!!) Might have to dig out my old hybrid bike if the weatehr improves, although serious old tech I suspect..)

  4. chub2stud says:

    @Simon Ta mate, just done 40mins at level 5 (500calories burnt) and then did 5 mins on the stepper set to keep my heart rate at 140bpm-19 floors climbed and 100 calories! The numb nuts thing is not good…thats defo one area of my bod i don’t want numbed! Am going to see if i tilt the seat forward a bit to take the pressure off my perineum(which is where the nerves and blood supply is for your bits), there is no adjustment but if i undo the nuts i can use some washers to lift the back up a bit.
    @Mark Shaw Thanks mate, look forward to seeing you back. Have just figured out how to put a BlogRoll on here and have added you too.

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