Rest day?

Bit of an update. For the last two days i have been doing a full 40 minute session twice a day, yesterday’s morning session I got carried away and kept going a at full tilt for another 5 minutes and ramped up the resistance! I did feel it on the later session though- I had to cut short my 5 minute cool down because I just ran out of steam.

Today is a day of rest and cake(yes I know I shouldn’t but Allies made a ‘test’ cake before Henri’s real birthday cake!) only two slices though…..!

My neighbour Simon rode up the hill to my place today, to show me his old Peugeot race bike, about 10 kg with the gear changes on the down tube! Bikes have come on a long way since that had it’s day. I took it for 100 m down the road, but seat height was too high, and the frame barely let me get my leg over, so I walked it back to him. Just shows how important it is to size your bike to your dimensions. The breaks were very inefficient too, but it had spent the last 14 years or so stuck in the loft…. I do hope my bike (when it comes) fits me better than that did! It was surprisingly twitchy to steer too, I’d have hated to have had to take my hands off the bars to change gear.

Feeling guilty having a day off….

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4 Responses to Rest day?

  1. Simon says:

    I sent my old racer to the dump sadly a few years ago. It was a good bike for it’s time, a Steyr-Daimler-Puch with the gear change on the down tube, I guess you just got used to it…. I used it daily for college, which was several hours of riding per day… come Monday morning you could tell your fitness had dropped off over the weekend….
    A day off sounds like a good idea to rest the joints etc and after a few “years” 😉 of not exercising like this, one day shouldn’t be too harmfull!!!

  2. Mickey says:

    Your stamina and speed are much better than mine already, well done there. That Peugeot sounds similar to the one my wife still rides, it is about 14 or 15 yrs old also and worked well on our Saturday trip into the village. Great blog, thanks

    • chub2stud says:

      Thanks Mikey, i had a rest day yesterday so today I’m ready to get back to cycling, its going to be interesting to see how it feels after a little break. That Pug was the first ride on a ‘racer’ I’ve had, it was so twitchy, i thought ‘this is gonna be a steep learning curve!’ but it surprises me how easy it was to move forward compard to my 90s MTB, like my friend David says ‘you just have to breathe on the pedals!’.

  3. david b says:

    Hats off to Simon for riding up that ramp of a hill that leads up to your drum – no doubt his old Peugeot doesn’t have a get out of trouble granny gear. Perhaps you should encourage him to pace you round the block come ‘der tag’

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