Best laid plans…just never work out do they! Well for me they don’t, I had completely forgot that I was fetching 8stere of wood burner logs yesterday, so spent most of the day doing that and stacking it ready for the winter instead of riding the exercise machine. But I did manage to get 20 minutes on it before tea(dinner/evening meal depending where your from), and I tamped up the resistance after the first 5 mins or so by a notch every couple of minutes. I am really please that I managed to keep up my rpm even when was peddling with twice the usual resistance.
At the start of this cycling lark 10 days ago I weighed 18stone 9pound, now I weigh 18 stone 5 pound! So 4 pound down already! I’m not really dieting, I’m still having a couple of pints of beer in the evening too. But it really is encouraging to see the calories burned on the machine, I’m burning about 900 calories extra each day, so if I remember correctly, there are 2000 calories per pound of fat, so my weight loss is mostly due to the cycling. Also have to keep in mind the muscle build up in my legs, that’s gonna weigh a fair bit too I recon!

This morning I am a touch stiff, not much but that extra resistance has definitely made itself felt eventually.

Had a shock yesterday, a big DHL van turned round on our forecourt, for a moment I thoought it might have been my Rose Pro SL 2200 bike being delivered…but alas no;-(

7-8 weeks to go? My legs are gonna be tree stumps by then!

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4 Responses to Stiffness

  1. Simon says:

    Shifting 8 stere of logs sounds like pretty good exercise!!! My fave program on my exercise bike was the “rolling” profile, as it gave some variety. Typical was about 75rpm and 140 to 160 watts I seem to remember. It certainly got the heart rate going, can’t remember the max I hit on the machine, but even a quick 5 x mins this morning had it showing 125 bpm…

    • chub2stud says:

      Just ordered a chest strap heart rate monitor for it, it will pick up wirelessly a beat signal form the chest strap and display it on the screen which will be useful. It has a program that will vary the resistance to keep your heart pumping at the same bpm which will be fun to play with. A recumbent would be nice, especially on the bum! This morning I did a naked cycle ride on it to see if it improved the interface from seat to bum, it still hurt after 45 minutes! I think the normal yfronts hurt where the seams rubbed my skin….I must get some propa cycling shorts!

  2. david b says:

    Mrs B. suggests we send a big box of nothing to you by DHL just to keep the excitement up!

    Trust he didn’t leave any oil on your gravel…….

  3. Simon says:

    The chest strap on my one never worked, but luckily being a recumbant, it has sensors in the hand grips that pick up your pulse. Luckily I never had the rubbing problem, maybe recumbants lessen it???

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