16 miles..

Ok, virtual miles on the exercise bike!  This was yesterday.  I did a session of 40 minutes(max length of session on the bike, that is until i can figure out how to change those settings!) with a 5 minute cool down.  During the cooling down period, i slowly reduce the resistance and let off a tad on the RPM (cadence) of my peddles, the main part of the session i am set at resistance level 5, which is a quarter of maximum resistance.  I’m hoping that this simulates riding on the flat, or maybe on a slight incline?  The machine tells me i am doing about 15mph and producing about 140-170watts, i cant find much help on the net to see if these are typical, so if anyone knows better, please advise me!

Anyway, feeling good afterwards i did a 5 minute hill climb, still hard work but at least i could keep up the 80rpm right the way through which i couldn’t do when i started this lark 9 days ago, so Yahoo!  Progress!

Had a 20mintue session in the evening and felt really good, ready for me Chicken Tikka and Jerra Rice! (anyone fancy a good recipe? very little fat, loads of carbs and proteins!)

I think i will stick with the 40 minute sessions for a few days to consolidate and allow my body to acclimatise to the demands being made on it before increasing the resistance or number of sessions.

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