Am I an iPad Addict?

Just reading a copy of Cycling Weekly Magazine (as you do…) and briefly stroked an artical on the page in an upward direction….!  (for those unfortuantes sans iPad, you stroke the screen to move the page up!)

Just done 35 minutes at setting 5 on the Precor C846 (at 80rpm i am apparently producing 140-170watts or power).  A little wobbly on me pins, but quite pleased.  I tried to make sure i got on the bike early so i have less on an excuse to say i count fit in 3 sessions a day!  Hope the ret of the day goes to plan…i am wondering if i should do a 5 minute hill climb daily…there are hills round here…..?!


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3 Responses to Am I an iPad Addict?

  1. Simon says:

    Doing good….. I always found it best to do my 30 min session as soon as I got up, so I had no excuse etc (also made it easier to freshen up after getting a good sweat on) and I would come off the machine with a distinct wobble in the legs…… 🙂

  2. chub2stud says:

    Thanks Simon…..Well I skipped lunch times session:-( Norty i know…but i was wrecked, Henri was up at 5.10AM so went to bed for an hour instead! Anyway, i compensated with a 40 minute session this late afternoon burning 420calories! Also for the last 3minutes i ramped up the resistance a couple of notches before the 5 minute cool down. My legs weren’t of the ‘hardly-can-walk’ wobbly, more just a tad shaky on the stairs…so hopefully i am not stressing myself to much!

    I am starting to wonder if the rpm read out on the machine is accurate…i am listening to Cadence FM set at 160beats per minute and it seems slow in comparison to my pedaling at 80rpm on the machine…hmm! Might have to purrrchase of one of those rpm counters from machine mart to check….;-)

    Also, my rear end is not liking the saddle…getting numbness in my under-gear and just general uncomfortableness on the seat, it is helped by putting some weight forward onto the machine though. I hope that when the real bike comes, the forward position will put more weight on the bars and resolve that problem…one hopes!

    • Simon says:

      80rpm sounds about right, I was between 75 and 80 and know what you mean about the numbness, it can get you there sometimes. My machine is one of those recumbant ones as I wanted to try and avoid stressing my back too much. It was certainly all about working yourself up to top performance, so don’t push yourself too hard, too soon or it could all go wrong with a knee joint going on strike or something….. Bike looks like it will be great, I still have my very old hybrid bike or my sons mountain bike to choose between…neither ideal!

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