Cadence, music, sweat

Did two sessions today, a 20 minute and a 30 minute. No ill effects, so I assume all is well and my body is coping with this level of activity. Pleased! Tomorrow I will ramp up to 3 half hour sessions, back where I was before the heavy legs problems….let’s hope I don’t get that reoccurring.

Downloaded an app called Cadence today on to the iPhone, it scans all your songs and categorises them in order of beats per minute. You can select your favoured cadence and it will play songs with a beat in time with your peddling! It works great! When your stuck sat on an exercise machine you need something to take your mind off watching the clock and this is really helping me out….that along with using the iPad to do ‘research’ 😉

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One Response to Cadence, music, sweat

  1. Simon says:

    Good luck mate. When I was doing the exercise bike thing, I positioned mine in front of the TV, so a half hour TV prog/DVD distracted me enough from the boredom. I also read the magazine which helped as long as you didn’t loose your place!!

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