Ok, did 5 mins this morning on the exercise bike, at varying resistance levels. It felt better, and I even played with the resistance settings to see what it goes up to…it goes up to 20, so 5 is 25% of maximum. 20 wasn’t ‘stand on the peddles’ hard though, so it hardly reflects the resistance I will encounter when my bike finally arrives in the post….I recon it’s gonna be a shock!

Went out this afternoon to Decathlon in Angouleme for some road cycling shoes and a tyre pump! Picked up some Shimano R087s, very nice fit, and a Clever 7000 garage pump. So at least I have the minimum amount of gear I need to actualy ride the thing when it arrives!

I plan on doing a 15 minute session shortly……then hope to be nearly back to 3x30minute rides tommorrow!

Been watching my calories today, I have not been restricting myself over this first week of exercise food wise nor drink wise, but have been reasonably sensible. Today I ate an oat so simple with 4 sugar cubes for breakfast, and a Big Mac and about 10 fries for lunch so far. Four mugs of tea with 3 sugar cubes and a latte at maccy dees with 2 cubes of sugar.

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2 Responses to Looser!

  1. david b says:

    Lets see the bib-shorts then……

    ( Mrs B dared me!)

  2. chub2stud says:

    The time will come…. at the moment i will be mostly wearing-

    A tee shirt
    Tracky bottoms
    Pants-Probably not comando just yet!

    Will defo look into those proper cycling shorts though, the bib idea sounds good, esecilay if they stop the back of the shorts heading south and i end up mooning the drivers i am holding up behind me! If i can find some for bigger people that would be good, i do have a problem on the exercise bike when if i get down into a road bike like position, my legs end up pounding my danging belly! If something can hold it all in……

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