First post!

Just started my first exercise for ages, I have a ex health club exercise bike(Precor C864)

so have set it up (I have had it about four years but it’s sat unused for all that time!) in a room in my house in France. It has various courses available, constant resistance, hill climb etc. First day I did a 5 minute hill climb and tried to keep above 70 rpm, it was a real struggle, and I had very shaky legs afterwards!
The next day I did three 5 minute hill climbs, spread over the whole day, the first one of the day I tried desperately to keep a decent cadence up(cadence means rpm), but failed miserably and I had to stop for a few seconds to recover! So I just kept above 70rpm for the rest of the day. Feeling good though that I was finally doing something to improve my health.

After asking for advice and opinions on the cyclechat forum, I moved from 5 minute hill climbs, to 20 minute constant low resistance and then to 30 minutes. I was doing well I thought, and apparently burning 300 calories each session! That’s 900cals a day! Yes it was hard and sweaty, but with a fan blowing at me, I coped.

However on day 4 I hit a bad patch. I had done my morning session on the exercise bike, but afterwards my legs felt really tight and heavy, and my knees were tight too. This worried me a bit but I recon I was just pushing myself to quickly. I missed the other two sessions that day(yesterday) And today, following advice from the forum, I am going to do shorter sessions, 5 mins this morning, then 10 at lunch and hopefully 20 this evening!

Anyone new to this blog, be sure to check out my intro pages for more about me and my journey so far. I will be adding to it regulary.

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2 Responses to First post!

  1. david b says:

    Great title!

    The body regenerates and builds muscle during the rest days….. a day on a day off or three on, one off or whatever is the way to go.


    • chub2stud says:

      Thanks for that, David, i was getting carried away with my performance and was just over doing it i think. Going from nothing to three 30minute sessions @ 80rpm was a bit too much. I am now back to 10minutes three times a day….i hope my legs can catch up with my mind!

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